The Poplar Light Sculpture depicts a poplar tree in winter time when there are no leaves on the branches. This Light Sculpture was created from a photograph of a tree which is close to the workshop. This tree has been pruned regularly and this is evident from the fairly large branches which suddenly sprout much finer, leaf carrying branches. This Light Sculpture really shows the detail of the structure of the tree and the effect of repeated pruning. Even so, this is a beautiful tree and the Light Sculpture captures the essence of the tree very well under a range of lighting conditions, or indeed, even when switched off.

Colours and Control

The Light Sculpture is supplied complete with a sophisticated remote control which allows you to select the colour of the light manually or to select any one of 15 different pre-programmed sequences. Manual colour selection is as simple as touching the colour wheel on the remote control and allows you to select up to 100 different shades which can also be varied in brightness. This will allow you to match your colour scheme, or simply keep you amused for quite some time. The remote control uses a radio frequency to communicate with the Light Sculpture and so it does not need to be pointed at the Light Sculpture. Each remote is uniquely linked to each Light Sculpture so that you can operate each Light Sculpture individually even if you have more than one in the same room.


Height: 412mm

Width: 312mm

Depth: 100mm

Remote control range: 20M, remote control requires 3x AAA batteries


The Light Sculpture can be simply stood on any suitable flat surface, or it can be wall-hung. For a slightly more elegant display, a stand can be provided separately which will raise the Light Sculpture slightly. Holes are provided in the back of the Light Sculpture for mounting on the wall and appropriate dimensions and instructions for installation are included in the box.