We are happy to quote for a bespoke Light Sculpture or table, please just ask. There is almost no limit to the possibilities that are possible so let your imagination run and let us take up the technical challenges. There are a couple of different examples on this page which may stimulate the imagination further. The top of the page shows a traditional marquetry panel lit from behind in a similar manner to a Light Sculpture. This is more difficult than it seems at first glance because the joints between the pieces of veneer must be exact otherwise light leaks through and spoils the look.

The picture below shows a simple panel of Ash veneer lit from behind with different lights and demonstrates what is possible with even the simplest of materials. This panel is 1060mm x 340mm and actually generates quite a lot of light. Although the examples on this page may seem simpler than the Light Sculptures, they are intended to demonstrate that a lot can be achieved with a combination of the right veneer and correctly positioned light. Of course, once we also add in the possibility of carving in an image the effect can be absolutely stunning.